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INTERNATIONAL ARTS AND CRAFTS is a major mammoth ivory carving and hippo ivory carving importer, exporter, manufacturer and retailer in Hong Kong, China. We currently export more than 3,000 products from our factory to nearly 20 countries. Our strength is in the variety of excellent traditional Asian style art carving products and outstanding service we provide to our clients. We offer the widest selection of mammoth and hippo ivory carvings, netsuke, jewelry and premium gift ideas, giving our buyers a wonderful shopping experience. We assure the highest quality and the most reliable delivery commitments. Moreover, we can custom-make designs to satisfy the specific needs of our clients and their markets through our Design Center.


INTERNATIONAL ARTS AND CRAFTS was established in 1989. With the purpose of making a solid contribution to the dignity of mammoth hippo ivory carving handicraft work by searching for channels of sales of its products. Since the early days, INTERNATIONAL ARTS AND CRAFTS has grown to provide import, export, trading and marketing of African elephant ivory. Since African elephant ivory was banned in 1989 internationally due to endanger species international law, we then switched to Mammoth ivory and Hippo ivory immediately and continues to serve our valuable clients till now. INTERNATIONAL ARTS AND CRAFTS always broadens its reach to include additional artisans and workshops, while expanding to new markets overseas.

The International Arts and Crafts motto is: the customer is no.1. We're here to assist you with any aspect of customer service. My name is Brian I am the International Arts and Crafts rep that will take care of you, so if you have any questions arise as you surf through our site, you may email me mkt@precious-mammoth.com or call me at (852) 2723 3588 



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