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International Arts and Crafts, professional services to our customers.

One of our expertise. life relastic animals carvings.

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Netsuke! We have a great collection for your selection.

Excellent mammoth ivory jewelry & necklace

Mammoth ivory collection, so many different design to meet your collection requirement.

Mammoth ivory premium, special but still in good budget.

#10099, wine drinking samurai, excellent carving in Asian style.

Doctor Lady
W40 x D5 xH7cm
Samurai Riding on Horse
H21 x W22 x D8cm
Wiseman Riding on Donkey
H19 x W17 d7cm
Longevity Riding on Deer
H19 x W19 x D7cm
Buddha riding on elephant
Wood chopping in the yard


Wine Drinking Samurai

Mammoth Ivory Carving
H30 x W14 x D14cm



Chinese mythical goddess of the moon

Mammoth Ivory Carving
H20 x W10 x D5cm

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